Search Engine Optimisation and eCommerce

Apr 12, 2008 | Share  

The process of designing a new shopping cart website isn’t just about creating a pretty design and adding your products to the system. Your online shop now needs to be found in search engines for relevant keywords to your business. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

If you sell computer parts, you want to be able to be found in Google, Yahoo, MSN and more for terms such as laptop, 22 inch monitor, Flat panel computer screen etc etc. Without a well optimised shopping cart website the search engines will pass by your site and your sales will suffer.

Mooty Web Design created a shopping cart website for Bathroom Warehouse with an extensive SEO package targeting major keywords associated with the bathroom industry. This helped in propelling Bathroom Warehouse to no.1 rankings for keywords such as Bathroom, Vanities, Bathroom Vanities, Toilets Brisbane and more in Google.

Tips for Shopping Cart SEO

To achieve the best advantage in Search Engines like Google, a shopping cart needs to have the following features.

  • Search Engine Friendly URLS
  • Title/Meta data specific to each product
  • Extensive information for each product
  • Customer Reviews

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